Miami-based Nue Life acquired by venture studio focused on psychedelic healthcare

Beckley Wavesa venture studio focused on building and investing in companies that develop and provide innovative psychedelic therapies, announced today it has acquired Nue Life, a leading ketamine-assisted healthcare provider based in Miami.

“In adding Nue Life to our portfolio of companies, we are massively increasing the number and range of people we can help while at the same time staying focused on providing the most rigorous patient safeguards, psychological support, and integration coaching,” said Rock Feilding-Mellen, co-founder and partner at Beckley Waves, in its announcement. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Beckley Waves was attracted to Nue Life because the Miami startup advanced the field of psychedelic therapy by providing safe and effective at-home ketamine therapy to more than 10,000 patients across 23 US states since 2021. Beckley Waves indicated it will continue Nue Life’s work in ketamine-assisted therapy, with an emphasis on underserved areas. 

 “Nue Life has built a world-class technology platform and facilitated treatment in a way that represents the future of scalable access to psychedelic-assisted therapy,” said Daniel Love, a co-founder and partner at Beckley Waves.

As part of the strategic acquisition, Beckley Waves has launched a new portfolio company, NueCo Holdings PBC, which acquired the assets of Nue Life Health. Love will act as interim CEO of NueCo Holdings and work alongside much of Nue Life’s existing management team. Beckley Waves’ other portfolio companies in psychedelic businesses include Beckley Retreats, Beckley Academy and The Trip Report.

Nue Life was founded two years ago by Juan Pablo Cappello and Demian Bellumio, two well-known Miami tech entrepreneurs involved in multiple startups over the years. Nue Life offered a combination of ketamine therapy, an interactive companion app, and virtual aftercare programs for treating the root causes of mental health issues, even among treatment-resistant patients, the company said in an interview last year. The startup raised $23 million in funding in April 2022.

 “We are proud of the positive impact the Nue Life Health has had on thousands of patients and the emerging psychedelic medicine industry. Taking care of our patients has always been, and should always be, at the core of Nue Life’s mission,” said Cappello in comments to Refresh Miami. 

“We encourage Beckley Waves as the successor of Nue Life to be a good steward to these patient-first principles,” he continued.  “We would like to recognize the support of the amazing friends and investors that have helped Nue Life embark on the ambitious mission of help to heal one million people.  The work continues.”


Nancy Dahlberg