Sortium scores $4M to pioneer the future of game production (hint: it’s web3 and AI)

By Riley Kaminer

It’s got AI, it’s got web3, it’s got gaming. Can a startup get more #MiamiTech than that? And now, it’s got even more funding. 

We’re speaking, of course, of Sortium, a platform that enables video game producers to generate or modify 3D assets and textures in real time.

The company has just announced that it has raised upwards of $4 million to further expand the platform. The round was led by Signum growth alongside other unnamed investors, with additional participation from ARK Investment Management, IDG Blockchain, IVC Fund, Polygon, and 1881 S Group AG.

Sortium’s AI tools enable studios to speed up production times and reduce costs. Their platform integrates into existing game design ecosystems. Already, upwards of 120,000 studios and creatives are waiting for access to Sortium’s generative AI-powered texturing tool.

Angela Dalton, CEO & Founder of Signum Growth, highlighted one of Sortium’s key differentiators: Their focus on intellectual property rights.

“Generative AI is in its broader market experimentation phase, leading many to ignore IP rights in the spirit of progress and innovation,” she shared in a statement. “Sortium’s believes that IP rights will ultimately matter – baking them into the technology at the outset, and respecting artists’ work, are core tenets of the company that we fully support.”

She added that Sortium is bridging the gap between where gaming is today and it is going, thanks to the new world of AI and web3-powered production. “The Sortium team’s technical capabilities are impressive. Perhaps even more importantly, they possess deep expertise, relationships and understanding across the traditional gaming industry.”

Sortium was founded in 2021 by CEO Marc Seal, COO Eaven Portillo, and CTO Alex Rozgo. These founders have upwards of a decade of experience in AI. Seal previously led a variety of initiatives for trading card company Topps, including their Director of Blockchain. In 2011, he launched Overclock Ltd., which developed a monster collection and action online RPG called CryptoGene.

As of last year, Sortium had 50 employees across Miami and El Salvador. The company raised $7.8 million last year in a seed round. 

“Sortium allows you to generate, tokenize and simulate,” Seal explained to CoinDesk around the time of the last fundraise. “You can generate 3D assets, regenerate consent with artificial intelligence and it will get automatically tokenized. That’s our Web3 blockchain layer.”

Sortium continues to ink partnership deals with IP providers and major gaming platforms. The company is experimenting with a wide variety of initiatives, including a live content delivery offering pioneered by game Bit Brawl, as well as enterprise solutions such as its the LiveOps API.

Photo at top of post: Left to right, Sortium co-founders CTO Alex Rozgo, CEO Marc Seal and COO Eaven Portillo


Riley Kaminer