South Florida attorney launches PureCounsel, a digital marketplace for legal services

By Krysten Brenlla

Picture this – you are hiring an executive and need assistance drafting a new employee agreement. After a quick Google search, you come up with thousands of local attorneys that offer services, but have no idea where to start, who to reach out to, or how much money you’ll need to dish out. Now what?

Fortunately, there is a solution – and a South Florida attorney just launched it.

“PureCounsel, a digital marketplace for on-demand legal services, is building a community for services at a competitive rate,” said Jordan Isrow, who is also Parkland’s Vice Mayor. “As the client, you get to set the budget, set the different parameters, and get access to a curated network of lawyers – all in one platform.”

PureCounsel founder and CEO Jordan Isrow

Founded by Isrow this year, PureCounsel serves as an all-in-one solution for clients looking to access different legal services – such as legal contracts, wills, and more – in one digital marketplace. As a client using the application, the client can simply create a free account and upload a request for work. Then, the marketplace’s curated network of attorneys can bid on the request on a flat-fee basis. Additionally, each lawyer is vetted before being accepted into the marketplace, and must have malpractice insurance to offer their services on PureCounsel.

“I founded PureCounsel with the mission of empowering businesses and individuals to efficiently and effectively manage their legal needs,” Isrow said.

After working as an assistant attorney general, litigation attorney, and as an in-house general counsel for an international cosmetic manufacturer, Isrow understood the industry all too well – most clients are receiving absurd bills, and they had not even started working with their attorneys on their legal needs.

That’s because, in this industry, attorneys are trained to bill by-the-hour to bring in extraordinary amounts for their firms.

In Isrow’s eyes, it was time the industry made a change – and PureCounsel is here to disrupt it.

“Lawyers are treating work by the billable hour, but the work they’re doing is a commodity,” Isrow said. “PureCounsel serves to level the playing field as a capital marketplace, allowing people to have transparency on what they’re paying for, while giving lawyers an entrepreneurial opportunity.”

Once a user uploads their request for work – which is always anonymous – an attorney can bid on the request. When the client accepts the bid, the client’s identity is revealed. After a careful conflict check, conducted by the winning attorney, the attorney-client privilege relationship begins.

Through the platform, the attorney then has access to a dashboard, which helps them manage their live projects, showcases what is in auction, what has been bid on, what has been accepted by the client, and more. Once the attorney has completed the work, it bounces back to the user, and the user provides their approval of the work. If the user is unsatisfied with the work, it goes to a third-party dispute-resolution process within the platform. Only after the work has a ‘thumbs up’ from the user is the money exchanged to the attorney.

“I want everyone who uses this platform to have a great experience – these are qualified attorneys, they have real experience, and we want to build loyalty and trust within the platform,” Isrow said.

PureCounsel’s source of revenue relies on monthly subscriptions made by the curated market of attorneys on the platform, which allows for the client to benefit and only pay for the services they need.

For the future, Isrow has a few goals in mind. First, he wants to continue growing the platform organically. Additionally, he’s also looking to grow in the pro-bono/philanthropic sector, allowing nonprofits the opportunity to benefit from a curated marketplace of Florida attorneys and services.

Finally, Isrow is looking to continue building relationships with attorneys across the country, so he can grow the platform in each state – and hopefully – reach international levels in the near future.

“I invite people to play around with it – at a minimum, it gives people an opportunity to see what PureCounsel is all about,” Isrow said. “For me, it takes a little bit of crazy to do something different. This isn’t about the normal – it’s about disrupting an industry, and making it better for both attorneys and clients.”


Krysten Brenlla