TicketRev inks deal with Marlins enabling fans to pitch their own price for tickets

By Riley Kaminer

These days, ticketing plays a bigger role in our lives than we ever might have expected. Whether you’re dying to feast your eyes on Messi at an Inter Miami match or vibe to some Taylor Swift or Bad Bunny, chances are that over the last few months, you’ve been frustratingly hitting ‘refresh’ on some ticket-buying websites.

South Florida startup TicketRev is on a mission to improve the experience of buying and selling tickets for fans. The company has built a demand-driven marketplace where buyers name their price for tickets, while sellers accept or reject these offers as they come in.

Now, TicketRev’s technology is being used by the Miami Marlins. This marks the startup’s first professional sports partnership. In an interview with Refresh Miami, co-founder and CEO Jason Shatsky expressed excitement about working with TicketRev’s hometown team.

“Fans are feeling depleted from and are frustrated with buying tickets for large concert tours and sporting events. So anything that we as a startup can do to help alleviate that is the direction that we want to go in. This partnership with the Marlins represents one of our first steps in doing that with a professional sports team. And the fact that it’s the Miami Marlins, who I’m personally a fan of, makes it even more special.”

This partnership, which is already live on the Marlins’ website, enables Marlins fans to pick a game and a section they would like to sit in, and then offer a price for tickets. TicketRev’s platform provides a suggested price range for each section. Shatsky said that ‘pitching’ a price in this range will maximize your chances of scoring tickets.

Working with TicketRev provides the Marlins with unique access to data about fan behavior. “The Marlins want better relationships with their fans, and our platform gives that to them,” said Shatsky. “The typical ticketing platform is binary: the fan is either buying or they’re not. Whereas with TicketRev, fans are able to indicate what they would spend – and it helps the team determine ticketing prices and understand their demand.” It is also beneficial for the team to be able to sell their own inventory rather than sell from resellers.

“The implementation of TicketRev’s trendsetting technology is about developing a deeper connection with our fans,” Christian Lowe, Vice President of Analytics & Strategy for the Marlins, said in a statement. “TicketRev’s platform provides our fans with an innovative ticketing experience that empowers them to make their pitch for their preferred price. This collaboration is a game-changer and sets the stage for unforgettable fan experiences and new opportunities to make Marlins Baseball more engaging than ever.”

The Marlins and TicketRev are sharing the revenue stemming from purchases made through the platform. In the future though, Shatsky said that TicketRev will provide their white-labeled platform through a SaaS model.

On its platform overall, TicketRev has surpassed 25,000 users. Its team of six full-time employees is already exploring new ways to improve in-game experience for fans.

“We’re really excited,” said Shatsky. “Nothing specific to mention yet, but there’s definitely a lot that’s going to come.”

Celebrating the Miami Marlins-TicketRev partnership, from left to right, Jabari Browne, Co-Founder & CTO, TicketRev; Christian Lowe, Vice President, Analytics & Strategy, Miami Marlins; Jason Shatsky, Co-Founder & CEO, TicketRev; and Frank Perez, Vice President, Engineering, TicketRev.


Riley Kaminer