TicketRev transforms MLB game experience with flexible seat upgrade service in partnership with teams

By Riley Kaminer

Have you ever had seat envy?

You know, that feeling when you arrive to an event and the tickets you purchased don’t give you the best view – or worse, come with a screaming child in the next seat over?

South Florida born and bred startup TicketRev has built the infrastructure to give you a second chance. Let’s say you arrive at a baseball game and decide you want a better seat. All you have to do is submit an offer on a better location and, if accepted, you can move right away. Since the ticketing is ultimately handled through the MLB’s official app, it doesn’t matter where you bought your tickets – the upgrade option is always available. 

This new service is offered in partnership with individual MLB teams. Beyond helping fans avoid seat envy, TicketRev has also inked deals with teams to enable users to submit offers for their preferred price. 

“It’s a more flexible way for fans to purchase tickets,” co-founder and CEO Jason Shatsky told Refresh Miami. “It also provides teams with valuable data and insights on how much their fans are willing to spend.”

TicketRev has already worked with five MLB teams including a partnership with the Marlins that started last year. This upcoming season, the Tampa Bay Rays are joining TicketRev’s lineup of MLB partners.

When TicketRev first launched in 2021, the company was primarily focused on their B2C marketplace. Since then, they have slowly increased their B2B offerings, while still having tens of thousands of individual consumers on the platform.

“We started this company because we were consumers ourselves,” noted Shatsky. “When we started, we were solving a problem strictly for consumers. As we kind of learned more about the industry, we saw other pain points.” This led to a successful trial of working with baseball teams.

“Enterprise was more of a pull than a push, and we’re really excited – being able to work with teams is super cool.”

TicketRev currently has four employees, all of whom are based in South Florida. Shatsky is a Boca Raton native who left to study entrepreneurship at Babson College before boomeranging back home to scale TicketRev amidst the pandemic.

Shatsky signaled that we have much more excitement to look forward to, including a potential solution for consumers to use TicketRev to purchase tickets to multiple games. He also underscored the value of TicketRev’s collaborative process of working with teams, enabling them to develop the tech solutions necessary to further engage their fans.

“It’s about understanding that teams are very data and analytics driven, with audiences segmented based on their frequency – and figuring out how we create solutions that are able to improve sales for each group.”

Photo at top of post: Celebrating the Miami Marlins-TicketRev partnership last year, from left to right, Jabari Browne, Co-Founder & CTO, TicketRev; Christian Lowe, Vice President, Analytics & Strategy, Miami Marlins; Jason Shatsky, Co-Founder & CEO, TicketRev; and Frank Perez, Vice President, Engineering, TicketRev.


Riley Kaminer