Triple-A doubles down on Americas through Miami, with Paulo Shargorodsky at the helm

By Riley Kaminer

Singapore-based Triple-A, which enables companies to pay and get paid in crypto, has announced its ambitious plans to expand throughout the Americas – with Miami as its hub. The company, founded in 2017, already has 20,000 customers across 120 markets.

“It’s amazing to see how there continues to be a fintech boom in Miami,” Paulo Shargorodsky, Triple-A’s general manager for the Americas, told Refresh Miami. Already, the company has three employees based in South Florida. 

“Being in Miami will be a great opportunity for Triple-A to attract the right talent for our team,” Shargorodsky said. “The pool of talent in Miami is better than ever before. Companies are already here, talent keeps coming – people continue to move here.” It is also beneficial for Triple-A to have its US home in a city that over-indexes in the use of crypto, Shargorodsky added.

Equally, Shargorodsky underscored the logistical benefit of Miami as the nexus of the Americas. “From Miami, it is easy and convenient to go to places around the world – so it makes total sense for us to expand to the US through Miami.”

Paulo Shargorodsky, Triple-A General Manager for the Americas

Previously, Shargorodsky led the Miami charge for the Brazilian cross-border enterprise payment platform EBANX. “I was at EBANX for four years. I joined when they had 150 employees and left when they had 1,000.” Now, he is excited about the opportunity to promote financial inclusion through Triple-A’s offering.

“I think crypto is really the next stage for payments,” he said, noting that it is much less expensive for merchants to accept crypto compared to traditional payment methods. In the Americas, this is a major opportunity: with around 50 million people in the US and 35 million people in Latin America holding crypto.

Another reason Shargorodsky is excited to work with Triple-A: the opportunity to work directly with its CEO and founder, Eric Barbier. Barbier is a serial entrepreneur in the payments space, having exited a previous venture to SAP. 

Triple-A is also the first cryptocurrency payments gateway to be licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which is a notoriously stringent agency. “Singapore is one of the most restrictive regulatory environments across the globe, and we are totally compliant there,” said Shargorodsky. If a crypto company can make it there – the thought process goes – they can make it anywhere.

“Bringing Triple-A’s platform, which is already very successful in Asia and Europe, to the Americas is an exciting chance to build from the ground and to provide the right solution for the right customers over here as well.”


Riley Kaminer