We’ve got the data: Refresh Miami unveils Miami Tech Dashboard

By Nancy Dahlberg

Just what is #MiamiTech? It’s a question we’ve long wanted to shed more light upon with data. Now, thanks to Refresh Miami’s new ecosystem dashboard we are releasing today, we can provide that to our local community and beyond.

The Miami Tech Dashboard, a free to use resource that can be accessed from our Refresh Miami homepage, will be the place to go for data on venture funded startups, bootstrapped startups, funding rounds, lists of investors, organizations and academic institutions and much more. We hope it will be an essential tool for anyone invested in the future of our startup ecosystem as well as for people around the world to learn more about what’s heating up in South Florida.

“Given Refresh’s long-standing role as the trusted source of all things Miami Tech, we have often fielded questions from locals and transplants alike around what startups and investors have a presence here, what industries are seeing the most growth, how much money have companies raised, etc. Over the years we built out version 1.0 tools to help answer these questions, but we dreamed of launching a comprehensive and real-time dashboard that would really help quantify the growth of our ecosystem,” explains Maria Derchi, executive director of Refresh Miami. “That’s what led us to this moment!”

The dashboard is part of a series of recent developments for Refresh Miami, founded in 2006 and now with over 16,000 newsletter subscribers. This month our tech organization unveiled a new logo (the design still honors our wave) and branding and a speedier website with a fresh design. Over the months, we have also greatly expanded our resources for the community, including our enhanced job board and improved ways of matching job hunters with opportunities, while continuing to provide South Florida’s most comprehensive source of local startup news and host events that bring the community together. To pull all this off, our team has also grown. We’ve added Chief Operating Officer Nicole Vasquez plus developer and marketing talent to our team over the last year. 

In development over the last six months, the new Miami Tech Dashboard is powered by Dealroom, a global data platform for intelligence on startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems and investment strategies, and is being supported by Refresh Miami and our partner, Vultr, the global cloud hosting company with a large and growing presence in South Florida.  The dashboard’s regularly refreshed data points include funding rounds, valuations, acquisitions, patent filings, employee numbers, team data and much more.  You can also create your own lists of startups to track.

Where does Dealroom get its data?  Dealroom’s proprietary software constantly scrapes publicly available data, such as Form Ds, company announcements, news reports, company incorporations, etc. Startups and organizations can claim their profile and submit updated or additional  data to Dealroom’s data validation team for inclusion. You can also see more about this on the Methodology page. Please note: When we say the Miami ecosystem, we are talking about the tri-county area. The dashboard features South Florida startup and ecosystem data from Homestead to Jupiter.

Derchi ticked off a few of the multiple use cases for the dashboard: Startups can use the tool to identify potential investors, investors can discover startups that could be a fit for their fund, academic institutions and accelerators can track the growth of companies launched by their alumni or in their cohorts, and government and economic development agencies can pull high-level metrics such as  new businesses formed, money raised, and many more. Here’s a link to a demo video.

The Miami Tech Dashboard is a dynamic tool that will continuously evolve. As more data becomes available and the tech scene in South Florida grows, our dashboard will adapt and expand. “Our goal is for this dashboard to be the definitive resource for Miami’s tech ecosystem,” Vasquez said. 

This tool is for you, adds Derchi. “As with all things Refresh does, community is at the center. Your feedback and collaboration are vital to the success of this dashboard so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts.”

Download Refresh Miami and Dealroom’s latest Miami Tech Ecosystem Report here.


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Nancy Dahlberg