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COVID stories, the food-tech edition: REEF Technology, Overproof and DeliverLean step up

COVID stories, the food-tech edition: REEF Technology, Overproof and DeliverLean step up


As restaurants continue to reopen in South Florida, Miami-based REEF Technology launched a program to help take on the burden of delivery operations for local eateries so they can focus on their bricks and mortar again.

Reef Technology recently launched their “Calling All Restaurants” program as an open call to local restaurants to submit their concepts for the opportunity to be a part of REEF’s network of delivery-only neighborhood kitchens, without any upfront capital costs from the restaurant. REEF’s team of chefs, operators and markets will work with each restaurant to develop a delivery only menu, put a REEF operations team in place, hire and train staff, manage the delivery platform, manage inventory and support marketing. Once up and running, REEF will earn a cut of revenue based on the restaurant’s total volume.

Some of Miami’s most notable chefs and eateries, including Michael Schwartz, Michelle Bernstein and Della Bowls, are already signed up.

This call for submissions is a result of Reef massively expanding its capacity – it is deploying double the number of new kitchens — over the next few weeks. The company is starting in Miami and expanding from there.

“Most people may not be aware, but restaurants are often not profitable at 50 or 60 percent capacity, or executing delivery from their brick and mortar locations,” said Alan Phillips, chief creative officer for REEF. “REEF will help them make money now and be a platform for them to grow their businesses in the future… Our call to restaurants is this – you show up with your idea and brand, and we’ll do the rest.”

Bartenders get a platform to do their thing

The non-profit arm of a South Florida tech company has been putting bartenders to work  — virtually.

Companies and community groups have been setting up online happy hours through CompanyToast, which delivers alcohol, mixers, ingredients and bar tools to the door of the participants. The bartender then hosts a virtual cocktail-making event, and its part of a bartender-re-employment initiative. The initiative already employs more than 300 bartenders on CompanyToast. Read more in the Sun Sentinel here.

CompanyToast is a non-profit arm of Miami-based Overproof, a business intelligence strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry led by  Marc De Kuyper, the 11th generation member of the family that started De Kuyper Royal Distillers in 1695. Overproof, which announced it raised $1.25 million in April, aims to help its customers create, execute and analyze brand strategies.

DeliverLean continues giving back

Although some businesses are starting to reopen in South Florida, thousands of people are still severely affected economically by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We told you about DeliverLean’s efforts with Alonzo Mourning to deliver free meals to the community at the Overtown Youth Center. DeliverLean, an Endeavor company, is still at it.

Last week, DeliverLean and Miami-based BluGlacier, one of Chile’s largest salmon importers, joined forces to put together 2,000 healthy meals using fresh Chilean salmon to help those in need.

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