Endeavor Miami announces next ScaleUp Program cohort. Let’s meet them.

By Nancy Dahlberg

With Beycome’s proprietary software platform, anyone can sell or buy a home and save thousands in commissions, making the whole process easier, faster, and more transparent than using a traditional real estate agent, says Founder and CEO Nico Jodin.

Since July 2020, when the startup launched, Beycome has closed over 4,100 properties worth $1.2B, saving customers over $50M in commissions – without one real estate agent in house. Beycome recently expanded to Georgia and Illinois and is launching in another state very soon. It’s growing at a double-digit clip monthly, too, Jodin says.

Beycome is one of the companies that Endeavor Miami, an affiliate of the global Endeavor organization supporting entrepreneurship, announced today as the nine startups participating in the Fall Cohort of its ScaleUp Program. The ScaleUp Program is a four-month growth program designed to support startups with high-growth potential in the Florida ecosystem in creating a path to scale.

The cohort includes tech companies in real estate, immigration, cryptocurrency, linguistics, human resources and drone operation and orchestration.

For instance, Humantelligence  is the first agile culture management platform to operationalize team cultures. With Humantelligence, leaders can improve collaboration, drive team performance, hire for culture, and build inclusion across a company day by day, all in one solution, says Founder and CEO Juan Betancourt. “With tools designed to generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees, Humantelligence drives productivity across the organization in an easy, scalable way – based on shared understandings.”

Like others in the cohort, Betancourt is scaling up Humantelligence. Humantelligence doubled its revenue from 2020 to 2021, and in the past 18 months Humantelligence has won 12 HR industry awards. Betancourt hopes the Scale-Up Program will help Humantelligence strategically with product focus, go-to-market strategy and positioning, and with raising capital more efficiently. “Lastly, we would like to figure out how to increase demand at the top of the funnel of our lead generation marketing campaigns,” Betancourt says.

Entrepreneurs like Betancourt and Jodin were selected based on many factors that include being based in Florida, having an annual revenue between $800K – $2.5M, two or more full-time employees and product-market fit. Each company was vetted based on its ability to scale while the founder was assessed on entrepreneurial grit, the ability to dream big and the desire to pay it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“We choose entrepreneurs who not only fit the selection criteria, but also the overall mission of Endeavor: individuals who can transform economies with the companies they are building if they can dream big enough,” said Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami. “The companies we selected for our ScaleUp Program Fall Cohort will be the next class of high-growth entrepreneurs to make a difference in our community,” said Duran.

The cohort also includes the following startups:

Alstra Technologies offerssmart workforce solutions for the new world of work. It is an enterprise solution for accessing world-class experts around the world, on demand. The Founder & CEO is Cai Igel, and  Marco Sottovia is Co-Founder and Regional Head (US & Latam).

Global RCG, a tech-enabled advisory services firm, assists individuals and their families in gaining access to dual citizenship and permanent resident permits, including provisional, qualifications-based and investment-based.  Rogelio Caceres is the Founder & CEO.

Linguado is a language and cultural exchange platform that promotes learning via communication with native speakers. Founder & CEO is Alexander Max Kaplan, lso Italo Roldo is Co-Founder, and Nikola Majstorovic is CTO.

OKY is a Fintech platform that connects immigrants with their friends and families residing abroad allowing the purchase of prepaid digital vouchers of leading brands in Latin America from the United States. Co-founder & CEO is Victor Unda. AlsoSantiago Rossi is Co-Founder & CFO; Alejandro Miron is  Co-Founder & COO; Estuardo Figueroa is Co-Founder & CCO; and Ivan Illescas is Co-Founder. [Read more here]

Security Token Group is the largest data and media company in the digital securities industry covering tokenized stocks, real estate, funds, and more. Founding Partner & CEO is Herwig Konings and Kyle Sonlin is Founding Partner. [Read more here]

Seeds identifies the correct talent, connects it with the companies and supports both parties through the working process. Martin Calzetti is Co-Founder & Head of Strategy; Ignacio Basso is Co-Founder & Head of Sales; Stefano Rossi is Co-Founder & Head of Operations; and Ian Teperman is Co-Founder & Head of Product.

VOTIX developed the first platform capable of truly delivering drone orchestration, remote operation and automation while being drone agnostic. Founder & CEO is Ed Boucas and Edwin Sanchez is Founder & CTO.


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