Humantelligence + AI = smarter human connections

By Riley Kaminer

There’s a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence will make us less human. But one Miami entrepreneur is leveraging the power of AI to do much the opposite: help us forge deeper human connections.

Since 2016, Juan Luis Betancourt, a seasoned recruiter and HR executive, and a team of 10 full-time employees have been building Humantelligence to do just that. The company has developed a culture management platform to help improve collaboration and team performance. 

A short survey enables users to start by assessing their behaviors, motivators, and ideal working environment. From there, Humantelligence’s platform aggregates this data and creates a dashboard to help measure and understand each team member’s culture – and how they fit into their broader team or the company overall.

Now, Humantelligence is harnessing the power of AI to take its platform to the next level.

Juan Luis Betancourt, founder and CEO of Humantelligence

“We take the world of psychometric personality tests and infuse it into your workflows through AI,” Betancourt told Refresh Miami. He drew parallels between Humantelligence and tools such as Grammarly – an AI sidekick that is there when you need it and scarce when you don’t.

Imagine you’re writing an email. Humantelligence can see who you’re emailing and give you tips on how to most effectively approach them, depending on their personality. The system will even re-write the email copy for you. If you’re setting up a meeting, Humantelligence will give you suggestions on how to structure the meeting for optimal outcomes. And the system even works in real-time during Microsoft Teams meetings, giving users a better sense of how to engage each meeting participant. 

These AI-infused workflows are beginning to be rolled out to Humantelligence’s 800,000 users. Almost half of these users already leverage Humantelligence’s insights on a monthly basis – a figure that rises to almost two thirds quarterly. And Humantelligence works at scale, as it is currently deployed in major companies including Accenture, Coca-Cola, United Healthcare, Honda, Baptist Health, and many more.

For Betancourt, this is just the beginning. “Human connection is lost,” due to distributed workforces, friction over email, and generational differences, Betancourt explained. This has a serious impact on companies’ finances: “Over $12,000 per year in lost productivity for each American worker.” 

Meanwhile, current solutions are simply not fit for purpose. “There’s a $3 billion industry of personality tests,” said Betancourt. “People take them and then never look at them again. They’re a complete waste of money.” In contrast, Humantelligence’s tools can be easily accessed and used on a daily basis.

So far, Humantelligence has raised $11.5 million – with imminent plans to raise a $2 million pre-Series A. Betancourt said that the company has already doubled their $800,000 ARR last year and expects the company to end the year at $2 million ARR.

Looking forward, Betancourt is excited to bring the platform to external users, rather than just users inside a company. He also hopes to innovate on the company’s current SaaS business model, inking channel distribution deals with major customers. But the bottom line could not be clearer: Humantelligence will ride a wave of growth thanks to their moat. According to Betancourt: “We’re the only enterprise software company that applies psychometric science with AI.” 


Riley Kaminer